Direct Hire Services in the field of health care

Direct hire services in simple terms can be defined as those staffing services provided by a staffing agency for their client company who is desirous of recruiting candidates for their (company’s) full time opportunities or vacant job positions. The staffing firms have distinct areas of specializations such as Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare etc. There are staffing agencies that are specialized in dealing with the direct hire requirements of Health Care Industry. For health care industry, time is very precious, as they deal with human life emergencies and any workforce shortages may cripple the health care facility that may lead to staff burnouts, postponement of important procedures or emergencies, high patient ratio resulting in impacting patient care.

Therefore, staffing agencies having expertise in direct hire services in the field of health care are helping in placing numerous highly skilled and managed health care professionals in a variety of job positions. These job positions may include a Director of a major health care unit to a hospital nurse care manager working in a 300-bed hospital. Some of the staffing agencies are providing direct hire staffing services for the requirement of candidates for top-level academic positions that may include Dean, Assistant Dean, and Program Chairs in both the university and community college nursing programs.

The staffing agencies that provide staffing in the form of direct hire services to health care industry have expertise in the following below mentioned areas:

1. Billing/Accounting,

2. Claims Processing,

3. Medical Secretarial,

4. Transcription, Office Management, Patient Care Services,

5. Data entry and other areas of health care.

Some of the staffing agencies involved in direct hire services for health care have experience in providing IT staff required for the respective hospitals/health care facilities Information Management Services (IMS) that may also include providing the hospital with a complete solution for revenue cycle management.

Nursing is an important area in a health care system. Therefore, staffing agencies in the health care industry are also providing nurses in all specialties especially those Registered Nurses or RNs and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who have undergone the most stringent screening and evaluation processes are dispatched locally as well as nationally to their client health care facilities or hospitals. Some staffing firms also arrange all travel and state licensing verifications on behalf of their clients. Thus, staffing agencies through their direct hire services are providing yeomen service to the health care industry.