Points to be reckoned with while choosing headhunter

Head hunting refers to a staffing approach where the headhunter works in tandem with their client company or the employer for identifying top talents within middle to top-level management positions to fulfill the vacant position arising with their client company. Headhunters look for candidates and not for applicants who apply but look out for talented people who are already employed in middle to top-level jobs of organizations especially the competitors of their client company. For instance, the client company may be looking for CEO with 15 years of experience in the field of finance, marketing, management etc.

Choosing a qualified and experienced headhunter requires certain factors that need to be considered by the organization and these are:

1. Experience: A headhunter must have practical experience about the mechanisms of the business sector of their client company. In addition, the headhunter must have reliable workforce to get the job done. The reputation of the headhunter must also be considered with before hiring the headhunter. Therefore, it is quite important to establish the headhunting’s firm’s expertise before hiring it by the company for its own personnel requirement.

2. Cost factor: Headhunter do not come very cheap and therefore the company must consider the cost factors while choosing the services of a headhunter. It is estimated that the lowest cost per hire is in retail industry whereas the highest cost is in pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, it is necessary to consider cost factor and how headhunter would fit into budget.

3. Checking testimonials: While choosing the services of headhunter, the company must check reference listings of previous clients served by the headhunter and the candidates placed by the concerned headhunter. Headhunter who has experience in the client organization’s industry is prove to be more valuable

4. Qualities of an Ambassador: A headhunting firm is going to represent their client company when it is dealing with potential candidates. The headhunter must be able to convince the potential candidate about their client company’s capabilities in providing good career growth opportunities and therefore should be able to build a good rapport with the potential candidate. The headhunter must use all recruitment tactics to net the most capable and efficient candidate for their client company. Thus, these are the points that should take into account while hiring the services of a headhunter.