Reaping the benefits of staff augmentation as a staffing strategy

Staff augmentation in simple terms can be defined as an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff a project and respond to rising business goals. Staff augmentation is a technique that consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining the additional skills that may be required to complete a project or business process. One of the advantages of staff augmentation is that businesses can leverage the existing resources in addition to utilizing the outsourced services and contract workers. Staff augmentation is required for achieving business goals without incurring extra burden on the available resources.

Staff augmentation is being duly implemented by organizations in the Information Technology sector. The staff augmentation arrangements has become a necessity for IT companies for overcoming their short-term capability deficiencies and to accommodate the impact of hiring restrictions with IT service providers or by contracting directly with independent contractors. The changing trends and demands of the new projects in the field of information technology created a need to bring better efficiency in their work/IT projects without increasing their operation costs. In such a situation, staff augmentation is the right choice as dedicated and experienced personnel can provide specialized services that can cater to the specific business needs or the projects.

Staff augmentation as a staffing strategy is recommended for both short term as well as long term project or for specific business needs. The major benefit derived from staff augmentation is that the concerned organizations do not have to employ the resources as permanent staff to provide services according to the changing market demands, which in turn increases the overall productivity and reduces the costs.

The other benefit of staff augmentation is that even though the resources work as a part of the project team, they can be taken out (fired) as soon as the project is finished thereby reducing the cost of staffing. The IT services that can reap the benefits of staff augmentation include web development, search engine optimization, web designing and other IT related services. There are staffing agencies that are providing staff augmentation as a staffing solution by finding the right people for their client organizations in-house requirements.