Qualities and traits of top rated headhunters

Headhunters also called recruiters are the people who literally search for candidates for filling up the executive positions of their client organization. Not all recruiters are headhunters nor these headhunters always search for executives. The headhunters’ client is always an organization and never an individual. Choosing a competent headhunter requires thorough investigation on the part of the organization before it decides to work with the concerned headhunter. Headhunters are usually paid by client organizations either on retainer or on contingency basis.

Judging and qualifying a headhunter are two different aspects as one can judge the concerned headhunters character irrespective of working with it or not. This type of judgment is largely based on observation. The other areas to be taken into consideration when actually deciding to work with a headhunter is to qualify the concerned headhunter and that in turn means, the concerned organization must test the headhunter before entering into a contract or agreement.

The best headhunters demonstrate highs standards of conduct and they reveal the same qualities that they look for in the prospective candidates while conducting executive search. The following are the qualities and traits that are to be looked before choosing a headhunter by the concerned organization and these are:

1. The headhunter is straightforward and easy to work. They speak clearly and directly without hiding secrets or remain lethargic in executive search.

2. A good headhunter is never in a hurry to close the deal in a hush-hush manner. A headhunter takes time to talk and in answering in detail the questions raised by the client organization regarding the executive recruitment aspects.

3. A good hunter already knows in advance about the organization, its background and about vacancies related to executive level positions before contacting the concerned organization. A good headhunter never ever makes blind calls.

4. Another feature or trait of good headhunters is that they are knowledgeable about their businesses, their clients, and the jobs they are trying to fill up.

5. Headhunter effectiveness is revealed by the methods used for filling up the job position with a right candidate. A good headhunter tries to locate and separate out the best-qualified talent for his/her client company.

Thus, organizations who would like to fill up the executive positions with right candidates must hire a headhunter after examining the above-mentioned qualities and traits of a good headhunter.