Source the best candidates with permanent staffing services

Permanent staffing in simple terms can be defined as those employees who are on the rolls of the employer for over a long time. The permanent staffing involves hiring the candidates to work as employees on permanent basis. These employees are liable for every benefit offered by the company (employer) and are generally entitled for retirement policies, medical benefits, gratuity policies followed by the concerned company. The requirement for employing employees on a permanent basis is the first and foremost priority of all organizations to run their businesses smoothly and successfully.

Quite a number of staffing agencies and staffing firms are dealing with the deployment and recruitment of permanent staff through their staffing services to the organizations looking for hiring permanent staff for the vacant job positions. The permanent staffing services begin when employers’ commissions or hires staffing agencies dealing with permanent staffing services or solutions to find qualified candidates for their existing job openings. The main responsibility of staffing agencies in such a situation is to meet the employer’s needs and not necessarily to find a suitable job for the candidate.

The permanent employment agencies work on the premise or principle of getting the right candidate at the right time by working in coordination with the HR-departments of their client organizations. These agencies have expertise in providing permanent staffing at various levels. The streamlined system of these agencies are well tuned to understand their client requirements in selecting the right candidate that matches or gels with their (client organization) needs both culturally and technically.

The permanent staffing selection is usually carried out by the staffing agencies by following the below mentioned methods:

  • Through turnkey staffing solutions: The turnkey staffing solutions as a method of permanent staffing is provided or applied for in case of newly established or start-up companies or for those companies who are on an expansion drive.
  • Selection from a large database: The other method of permanent staffing solution involves selecting from the existing and most refined database available at the disposal of the concerned staffing agency. The database consists of vast information about the prospective employees from various fields. This huge stream of employee listing is then made available to the client organization to ensure the widest possible search for the best candidates or talent.
  • Through advertisements: The other method of permanent staffing solution made available by the staffing agency is to come up with highly creative and strategic advertisement concepts that may drive considerable responses to the vacant positions. Advertisements not only bring in quick and bulk responses but also draw the attention of the media and prospective candidate about the company requirements. Thus, these are some of the permanent staffing solutions or methods used by staffing agencies in the process of permanent staffing recruitments.