Investigating about myths on headhunters

Headhunters or recruiters as they are popularly known are those people who specialize in the recruitment of staff at the middle level and top-level management hierarchy. Headhunters are involved in proactively recruiting top performers who might not be willing for a sudden change and who are highly skilled and yet resourceful. The recruitment of such people would help the client organization to succeed in long run or recruitment of these skilled personnel would provide a competitive advantage for the organization.

However, there are certain myths that surround the concept of headhunting or headhunters and these are:

1. Headhunters are agents or brokers: There is a common perception among the jobseekers and employers that headhunters are just agents or brokers who put both the employer and the high profile executives in vulnerable designations or positions. Nevertheless, the reality is that a reputed headhunter would never ever apply strong-arm tactics in forcing to accept the role that is not fit for or is not right for the concerned executive thereby putting the organization on a wrong foot.

2. Headhunters job is to help a job seeker find employment: Another myth that is doing rounds is that headhunters help job seekers in finding employment but the reality is that headhunters work for employers not for job seekers or job hunters. The main objective of a headhunter is to find the best talent for the position the employer is looking for or seeking to fill in and recognizing the employers’ requirements and skills they (employers) are searching for in their employee. Headhunters are not paid for to help people to transition to new fields but rather to find talented individuals who are already experienced and ready to move up to the next level of their career growth.

3. Headhunters damn care about creating long-term relationships: Headhunters believe in relationship building exercise rather than the said mentioned myth. They know that their long-term success is based on the building up their network of relationships. The headhunters believe in remembering the person or organizations that helps them on search and would likely want to help or aid that person or organization later on if needed.

4. Headhunters are being replaced by social networking sites: It is a myth that headhunters have lost their importance due to the emergence of social networking sites and other job search related websites. In case of top management positions, organizations are still relying on headhunters as these organizations are extremely cautious about sharing any information about the vacant job positions at the higher management levels that if leaked may prove advantageous to their competitors or disastrous to their own organization.     

Therefore, it can be said that headhunters are here to stay to play their active role despite of some irrelevant myths about them.