Role of permanent staffing agencies

Permanent staffing requirements are on up trend with fastest growth occurring in technical and professional occupations. The permanent job outlook in 2012 was somewhat lower than 2011 adding about 1.3 million job positions up till now when compared with 2011 when it was 1.5 million jobs. It is estimated that about 9 million jobs disappeared during the recession. The job opportunities being created this time are quite different from the ones that were lost during recession. Many of the jobs are created at the higher level and lower level positions but not for middle level management positions.

Majority of permanent jobs are being provided from the talent pool available with the recruitment and staffing agencies. The role of permanent staffing agencies is thus crucial in finding out or providing permanent staffing requirements of their client organizations. These staffing firms usually have a personal network that spans through big corporate to small and medium sized enterprises.

Permanent staffing agencies design their services based on finding the best talent to their client companies or organizations. Organizations need permanent staffing in the field of top level and middle level management levels to fill up their required job positions. The permanent staffing agencies help the companies in finding a talented pool of individuals across various functional levels that include technology, automobiles, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, banking, financial services and many other sectors.

Recruitment agencies dealing with permanent staffing services usually does the below mentioned functions and these are:

1. Screening resumes.

2. Conducting technical and aptitude tests or in depth interviews.

3. Verifying the references

4. Negotiating with salaries.

5. Functions related with executive search and placement services to Turnkey HR solutions.

In addition to above mentioned functions, a permanent staffing agency also helps their client organization in developing a customized recruiting plan. The agency also explores their network of passive candidates or top talent who may not be actively seeking a new job. For expanding their search base, the staffing agencies tap into their contacts and strategic alliances such as civic and professional organizations. The main function of permanent staffing agency is to select the most targeted group of candidates and present their client organization with their profiles. The permanent staffing agency works with their client organizations to make sure that the on boarding process goes smoothly.