Be emphatic while choosing a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are now part and parcel of employment sector that are providing valuable services to both the job seekers and the employers in fulfilling their respective needs. The recruitment agencies employ recruitment consultants and these consultants work on behalf of the employers who are also known as the agencies client. The aim of these agencies is to find the prospective employees or job-seekers to fill in their client vacancies.

The best place to choose or start looking for suitable recruitment agencies is though online search or seeking the services of certain professional bodies that are committed in ensuring that the chosen recruitment agency is of high standards. Before choosing a recruitment agency a few important considerations must be taken into account by an organization for its staffing requirements and these are:

What are the staffing needs – The choice of a recruitment agency is dependent on the organization’s goals. For instance, the goal of the organization may be to hire temporary, entry-level administrative staff to cover for employees who are on vacation or on sick leave. For instance, the need of staff may be in the form of Web-developer to launch a start up product.

Understanding the differences in the recruitment agencies – The organization must clearly understand the different types of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies are of various types such as some staffing firms primarily focus on filling temporary administrative and accounting assignments. Others may place highly skilled professionals in short or long term contracts in different industrial sectors such as engineering, mining, civil etc. Executive search firms on the other hand deal with recruitment and placement of corporate executives.

Conducting deep search for recruitment agencies – The sector or area in which the organization conducts its business should form the basis for hiring the services of the recruitment agency in that particular sector. The best way is to do online search using the terms “staffing agency”, “temporary staffing”, or “employment agency” along with the geographical location and the sector to which the organization belongs within its area of operation.

Bargaining for price – The other important area that needs to be considered in choosing a recruitment agency is the price at which the concerned agency will bring in the required personnel. An agency that promises personnel at lower price or cost may not be the best choice if the personnel or prospective candidates are of low quality or standards. On the other hand, a highly priced agency might be charging an excessive mark up but may be paying workers very little. All these issues are needed to be investigated before hiring the staffing agency for a better price.

Thus, these are the four important areas that an organization must consider before hiring a recruitment agency.