Discover high profile professionals through headhunters

Headhunters in simple terms can be defined as a corporation or individual providing employment recruitment services for jobs that require high levels skills and/or offering high pay structure. Headhunters are also referred to as an executive recruiter or executive searcher who may act aggressively to find talent by looking at the client organization’s competitors’ employees. Headhunters working on behalf of a firm usually filter the employees based on their skill levels. It may also happen that some individuals may contact a headhunter to submit their resume or CVs’ for the position that the Headhunters is looking for.

Headhunters are experts in finding the exact type of individuals that the organization is looking for to fill up its positions ranging from grass roots level right to directorships. The headhunters have wealth of experience as they have good contacts with the blue chip, hi-tech organizations as well as Small and Medium Scale Enterprises – (SME’s) and therefore know and understand the booby traps of recruiting and searching for high caliber individuals. The methods used by head hunting are quite different from those of a normal staffing or recruitment agency.

A headhunting process does not usually involve advertising for the vacant positions nor do the head hunting agencies have any huge database of candidates to refer for. Their methods are based purely on researching top performers and finding the most successful employees within any given industry. Some of the headhunters also specialize in sourcing candidates throughout globally.  It is irrelevant whether the company is a US based technology company setting up a European operation or an Asia Pacific property development company looking for filling up its senior management position.

The Headhunter sources for the high level professionals with the help of consultants who are located in any part of the world with a vast network of contacts ensuring that they can meet the exact requirements of their clients. The main focus of headhunter remains building up a strong relationship with the client.

It includes gaining an in-depth understanding of what is required within the role that overflows beyond the job description to gain access to the type of personality needed within the client company’s work force for a successful recruitment. Therefore, a Headhunter is quite different from a recruitment consultant as they work on behalf of the company who has the vacancy to fill up but not on behalf of people who are looking for jobs.