Social Media Effects on Recruiting

Social Media has varied definitions but in a common perspective social media can be defined as a means of social interaction through the web by using all or any one of the internet based applications that allows the creation and exchange of user generated content. The content is then shared among the individuals in the course of online social interaction. Therefore, the importance of social media has grown enormously with the penetration of internet usage among the masses both in developed and developing economies. The effect of social media is being felt on a number of industries.Nevertheless, it is quite surprising how speedily the social media through various social networking websites has made in roads into the havens of recruitment or recruiting processes.

The emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as popular social networking sites has turned the employers or recruiters attention towards gaining access about the information about the candidates that they want to recruit. In the same way, the potential job seekers or employees are researching about the companies that they are willing to work or get employed. Social media has converted into a most happening place where conversations are happening, new relationships are being made and enhanced and people are looking out for more information about the available jobs.

For recruiters, social media has become a solid tool for finding prospective employees at their fingertips. A recent survey undertaken reveals that around 35%of the companies enquired said they used social media to promote themselves and about 21% are using it to research and recruit employees.It is also surprising that about 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidates’ profile based on the content found on their social networking profiles. On the other hand, an equal proportion of recruiters that is about 68% have hired candidates’ based on their presence on the social networks.

Along with the use of social media for recruitment purpose, the importance of doing things offline should not be forgotten that involves building relationships, speaking to candidates, and finding the right fit. The essential difference between social media and offline tools is leverage derived in terms of cost, speed and efficiency. Using simple tools like Google Analytics, recruiters are getting reliable and better statistics about the candidates. Thus, it can be said the social media is definitely making a positive contribution on recruitment processes.