Why Tech Industry loves to hire college drop-outs

The need for qualified and well experienced candidates as employees is in huge demand for the Information Technology Industry than in any other sector. It is a well-known fact that everyday there takes place huge technological changes in IT industry and there is a huge demand for quality programmers, developers and technological experts in the IT sector. But, Instead of searching for the next generation of programmers and developers from Ivy League schools and colleges the IT companies are hiring college drop-outs as their employers due to the following below mentioned factors:


  • College education being outpaced by technology: One of the reasons for hiring the college drop-outs are that it is observed that ninety percent of the developers are unable to use the computer science theories they learned in the college in their day jobs. Students who had learned technology in college only knows about what they had learnt which is only a fraction of what they actually need to know. Bypassing the college allows the talented candidates to purely focus on their technological interests and developing their practical skills. In this way, it allows the candidate to better understand of what is expected of them and what they have to learn to become a successful programmer or developer.
  • Practical skills matter more than having a diploma: In the eyes of the employers the practical skills of the programmers or developers take precedence over the candidate acquiring degrees or diplomas. It is not a guarantee that a candidate with high educational qualifications like Masters or PhD shall be a good programmer or developer for the company, if he or she does not have creative, logical talents or abilities. Thus, IT companies search for candidates with logical, creative thinking to hire for, even though he or she is a college drop-out.
  • Natural working process: Majority of tech industry experts have shown that it does not require to hire a group of Harvard graduates to succeed as technological company. Most of the best programmers and developers teach themselves everything they need to know to be successful employees. Technical skills matters most as these skills can be taught. Indeed we have live examples in the form of Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who do not have any degrees when they started their own tech companies.

These are some of the reasons why tech companies love to hire these people as their employees.