How to choose a perfect Headhunter

Headhunter in simple terms can be defined as an individual or employment agency whose business is to recruit qualified personnel especially for executive requirements of organizations. A headhunter works independently or through an employment agency and hires employees for a number of client companies and serves as a contact between the client company and the job candidates. Usually companies often use the services of head hunters to fill in their executive recruitment positions.

Choosing a perfect headhunterrequires considerable knowledge about their activities and also taking into account the employment areas of the specific industry they serve for. In case, the concerned candidate is looking for employment in a specific industry then it is better to consider using a headhunter who works in that industry. Professional associations connected with specific sectors are also helpful in providing a list of recruiters to the candidate looking for employment opportunities.

The candidate can also use the recruiting online directories to generate a list of recruiters. For instance, The Recruiter Online database is searchable for over one hundred and fifty specialties by location and keyword. Other websites include the that has the recruiters listing by career field and – which is a directory of recruiters listed by location and specialty.  It is advantageous for the candidate or job seeker to look into social networking sites and also connect with business colleagues, friends and acquaintances to get suitable suggestions.

Interviewing the recruiter amounts to getting into reverse gear by spending some time in order to know the deeper aspects of the business strategy of the recruiter. It involves knowing the recruiter well in advance about their business by asking how long the recruiter has been with the company, what are the processes they follow in connecting the prospective candidate to the organizations’ staffing requirements, how they would market the resume and present it to the prospective employers.

Asking the recruiters for a references and checking them also forms an important element. Talking to the clients about the services that were provided and asking them about their opinion and if they would use the recruiter again etc; all of these are steps that forms an important criterion before their final selection.