Direct Hire Services

A direct hire refers to the traditional method of hiring an employee whereby the company advertises the position, interviews the candidates and extends a job offer. However, companies looking to hire a regular, full-time employee may not have the time and resources to wade through countless applications and resumes or to test the skills of the applicants. This is where the direct hire services play a key role as before making the hiring decision the company has to be sure if they have found the right person for the job.

The direct hire service companies are boon in such circumstances where the companies are pressed for time and resources and they help to advertise the position, carefully and thoroughly screen resumes, interview candidates and test their skills. When the suitable candidates are found they forward the resumes to the client company for a review and then schedule interviews for the short listed candidates according to their client company’s convenience. They are responsible for all the preliminary work and the client company’s time commitment is minimal. However, the important decision of hiring the employee is still made by the client and the direct hire service companies also provide the option of hiring a temporary employee who will eventually become a regular employee if the client company is satisfied with his/her work skills. Also there is no obligation to hire the employee sent by the direct hire service company even after interviewing the candidate and you can advertise the position elsewhere too. The direct hire services company charges a fee for placing the employee which is based on the hired employees’ first-year salary. Since the salary may vary according to the candidates’ experience the fee also varies accordingly per candidate.

The following are some of the advantages of direct hire services:• control over hiring process

  • cost and time savings
  • employee commitment
  • reduction in employee search time and effort
  • option to try out the employee by hiring on temporary basis

Hence direct hire services are helpful as they cut down the time and effort by narrowing down the pool of potential candidates. There’s also less wastage of time and resources on undesirable candidates, skill testing and paperwork. And lastly, the most important decision to hire is in the hands of the hiring/client company.