How to Find, Motivate and Retain Your Top Talent

The successful running of a business or a large organization depends on the workforce the CEO’s and the managers are working with. Good and efficient workforce is hard to acquire these days. These days the most important thing on the priority list of mangers and leaders of companies is to cut down the costs of the company and increase productivity. Their motto is to make more from less. They work towards optimum utilization of the available resources and also try to be very economical to increase the profits but while doing so they forget that the most important asset responsible for the survival of the business in the intensely competitive market is the workforce or the employees of the company.

Identification of the top talent of your company’s workforce is the first step to segregate the best of your employees. These will be the employees who will rise to the occasion and help the company in difficult times. These types of employees are considered to be the top talent. So retaining them is very important. Motivation is the key to retaining your best talent and also to keep them from contacting recruiters and to look for any other opportunities. The best technique is to keep your top talent engaged. Even in tough times there has to be a quantifiable goal specified which will motivate the top talent to work towards it and sense a feel of accomplishment after they have completed their specified work. One more thing that is to be heeded to is the culture of the company. The managers of the company have to maintain an impartial environment in the company and treat all employees equally. Reward the employees in accord to their performance and also provide them incentives. Appreciation is the best and the least used technique for retaining top talent these days. The work done by employees should be applauded and their problems should be given proper attention. They should be involved in the decision making process of the company. All these things will make the employees feel as if they have contributed something to the company. Organizing meetings with the employees and giving them a feedback of the work done by them and also listening to their suggestions will act as a great motivation.