Rules when working with a Headhunter

Looking for a job can be an exhausting and time-consuming process; the people who can break down this complex process into simple steps are headhunters. So let’s look at some basic ground rules while working with headhunters.

Do not be perturbed when they do not return your phone calls – Headhunters are not on your payroll, so technically they are not accountable to you. They are often employed by MNC’s and they have their own targets, bosses and deadlines to worry about. Do not keep constantly calling them, give them enough time to respond and in the meanwhile, see if you can get a hold of another headhunter.

Always stick to the truth – be it your salary and bonus details or the experience and skills you possess, lying to a headhunter is not a best practice. The simple reason is the fact that they have as much riding on your job prospects as you do. They generally go to all lengths necessary to get you placed, so if you had to place your trust in one person throughout a hiring process it would be your headhunter.

Be open to criticism and improvement – the reason to seek a headhunter’s help is their knowledge and insight about their client’s requirement, which you otherwise would have no access to. In such a scenario, it is important not to neglect their opinions. Listen to them carefully; take pointers about the needs of the job and the necessary skills. Ask them questions about the interview process and gain as much insight as possible.

Develop a professional relationship – considering the symbiotic nature of the relationship try to help the headhunter as much as possible. All they would like is your contacts and leads to resourceful people who might be looking for a job. Even if you are not helping them out, be friendly with them and build a positive relationship, do not be rude and especially do not part with your frustration on them.

The most important part is about being clear with what you want, tell the headhunter up front that these are some non-negotiable requirements that you expect from the job. It helps when you are on the same page as the headhunter, when that happens you increase the chances of getting a job that you actually like and want.