Is Crowdsourcing the way ahead?

The advent of the digital world bought with it new business and staffing strategies such as Globalization and Outsourcing. In the same vein, crowdsourcing is starting to take the world by storm. If you thought IT staffing services were the ones rooting for crowdsourcing, then think again. Huge Multi-National conglomerates within and outside the IT industry are turning towards the ideology.

Organizations are accessing software platforms to attract ideas and labor from a wide variety of anonymous people to collectively accomplish a task. In functions such as R&D and Web-designing the quality of results coming through a crowd is better and the time consumed is lesser than an in-house alternative. The biggest thing that crowdsourcing has going for it is the amazing sense of how it reduces the amount of time taken to accomplish a task.

Considering the competitive setting and nature of crowd work, the cream quickly rises to the top. This is an extremely efficient alternative rather than launching an exhausting global head hunt program, browsing through thousands of resumes and interviewing hundreds of candidates. There is very little effort put in by companies and the best talent comes looking for them rather than the other way around.

By the sheer number of heads involved, companies are able to look at a wider array of talent with a broader knowledge base and a diverse skill-set. The efficiency of the crowd does not stop in reaching fixed targets; the crowd can go a step further and innovate by providing and debating ideas that come up in the group. This is something companies can exploit and make use of, because genuine inspiration and innovation is hard to find.

It’s rather ironic that a global concept like crowdsourcing goes hand in hand with localization. Businesses can make huge inroads in domains such as customer support or product design; where producing and servicing a specific product for a certain demographic can be handed over to a crowd in the same locality. Companies will save huge amount of time and energy not having to conduct studies to understand the pulse of the community. A local approach will also break the cultural barrier because the same people who create the product are also part of the population the product is supposed to cater to.

If crowdsourcing were to be as big as outsourcing, IT staffing services will play a major role in mediating between companies and crowds, for them the change is simple, they were looking for individuals before, now they’ll have to look for a group of individuals.