Identify the staffing agency you want to work with before you need them in a hurry!

It is extremely important to have a good manpower solutions or staffing firm in your address book when you run a business. There are many situations when you will need access to either contract staffing or temporary staff, and it is best that you are confident about the abilities of the staffing agency you will use before you are forced by circumstance to use them.

Contract staffing usually becomes necessary when times are good and you have an overflowing order book that you permanent staff may not be able to handle. When you hire people as contract staff you are looking to augment the man hours that your organization is putting in while maintaining if not improving the quality of your output. Thus you need to be sure that the staffing company you work with understands your requirements and is known to work with people who are professional, qualified and highly motivated. You would need to study the interview processes in place at the staffing agency and ensure that thorough background checks are being performed so that by working with the agency in question you gain access to the kind of staff you would hire yourself if you needed them.

Interestingly, if a project for which a company hires contract staff, gets extended they do offer permanent positions to contract employees who are able to demonstrate great value addition. Thus in though economic times there are many well qualified fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals who are using the contract work route to find a permanent job. Often working on contract assignments through staffing agencies brings them in contact with organizations that they may not have explored on their own and vice versa allowing both the employer and employee a chance to find a good fit where they may not have looked normally.