Why temporary staffing is still in vogue

Over the past few months, we’ve all been talking about the recovery made by the labor market and the reducing unemployment levels. These facts indirectly meant that companies were once again looking for full-time employees, which was the staffing strategy before the recession. From the time the effects of the recession were being felt, till now, temporary staffing has been the norm in the industry. Lesser commitments, no insurance or other benefits, flexible pay structure and timings made both the employee and the employer happy, considering the rough time in the market. A lot of people believe with the resurgence of the labor market, temporary staffing was going to slowly die down, however that is far from the case.

A recent survey revealed, almost one-third of American companies employ smaller staff than they used to before the recession. The more significant number is this, 36% of companies are expected to hire temporary workers in 2012, which is a significant increase from the 28% in 2009. And most of the companies want get down to business right away, as one-third of these companies are looking to hire before April. Temporary jobs from staffing agencies and recruiting firms are playing an increasingly important role in economic recovery. Some of the specific roles up for grabs include Java or .Net Developer, Network Engineer, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative and Business Analyst.

The other myth that has been busted is that the cream of the industry are not interested in taking up temporary jobs, employers have been able to attract the best in the industry through temporary jobs and short-time commitments. Another fascinating aspect to temporary staffing is people who retired during the recession are going back to work. People who were forced into retirement during the economic downturn feel they still have plenty to offer and are taking up temporary jobs. Quite a few staffing agencies have sprung just to cater to this population.

The companies are happy to pay decent bucks if they’re able to find the right talent with skills, they want their problems solved and they are happy to go to any lengths to find people who can do that. It’s fair to say, temporary staffing is not a flash in the pan but a strategic staffing plan that will continue to exist.