Staffing Agency: often a win-win situation

Working with a staffing agency is useful for both the employer as well as the employee placed through the agency. A staffing agency usually works in niche areas with specializations in placing a certain type of employee or staffing a certain type of industry such as IT or Healthcare and there are a host of resultant advantages associated with the sheer volume and pace of work that passes through an agency.

For a business owner working with a staffing agency brings fast and effective staffing solutions with many cost advantages. Smaller businesses may not want to spend the time or spare the man power that is needed to find the right staff and a staffing agency with its pool of well qualified and vetted staff can step in and fill this gap. Often a project may require the hiring of staff on the run, in such a situation time is of the essence and a business may not have the bandwidth to recruit the necessary people thus turning to a staffing agency. Staffing agencies to some extent eliminate the need to spend time pouring over the entire hay stack in search of the needle and will present you with a few well qualified, well researched options that are a good fit for your organizations’ needs. Also working with the flexible staffing options available through staffing agencies a business may hire the right amount of staff for the work they have at hand. This saves both time and money.

For an employee working with a staffing agency opens a world of diverse work experience and exposes you to many work environments. This is great to build skills on the job and wonderful for your resume. Often using a staffing agency is a way for employers to test staff for a permanent position, thus working with a staffing agency has that advantage over taking a temporary or internship position with an employer.