Are Virtual Staffing Services the Way Ahead?

Virtual staffing is a huge part of strategic business planning these days, but the jury is still out on its sustenance and the ability to deliver in the long run. So let’s try to build a case and see if it has what it takes.

What is Virtual Staffing?
Virtual staffing, as the name suggests is hiring someone to work for you virtually from an off-site location. Based on the skills they possess, they are assigned work and paid for it on an hourly basis. The kind of cutting-edge technology that we possess today, the domains covered by virtual assistants has encompassed basic functions and broken new ground. Professional services range from Administrative, Creative, Managerial, Technical, Monitoring, Marketing to host of other allied functions.

What makes it Tick?
The biggest benefit stems from the fact that everything is virtual, huge amount of money can be saved from putting up offices, building infrastructure, etc. The money spent on support staff like Administration, HR, and Finance comes down appreciably because you don’t have a huge physical work-force to support and maintain. Recruitment and Training is easier and the element of risk is almost non-existent. Once you take the virtual route, your access to talent is huge, when compared to traditional forms of hiring, where a lot of variables like demographics come into the picture.

Once support functions are handed over to virtual assistants, it gives the organization more breathing space to focus on its core competencies. The easy and efficiency with which a project can be commenced and completed is another aspect in favor of virtual staffing services. Moving on to compensation, virtual assistants are mostly paid by the hour, so no-work, no pay. The same cannot be said of permanent or temporary employees, who need to be paid in-spite of being a low-volume work week or month. You also need shell out big bucks to pay for benefits like insurance and applicable taxes.

To sum it all up, we are fast moving towards a world of temporary staffing with specialized people performing specialized tasks. Technology is only going to improve, so we can continue to get the better of multiple time-zones and geographical boundaries, so in all probability; virtual staffing services are in for long haul.