Choosing The Right Staffing Firm To Meet Your Business Needs

One of the most important resources in any business is their human capital. People set the tone for any work place and an efficient skilled workforce is necessary for business success. A Staffing firm usually provides two types of services. It can help you hire seasonal, temporary staff or match you with a great full time employee without the tedious processes involved with hiring a new employee.

The best staffing firms have a pool of amazing employees, with great skills that match your needs, but there are also a lot of firms that do not do their due diligence and hiring staff from them may not be such a happy experience. Here are some tips to help you find the right staffing service.

  1. Is this a specialized firm? Always go to a firm that specializes in your field of work. You will find the most experienced people here, and will have already done a lot of work in your area of interest so you will not need to retrain them.
  2. Ensure the firm does its due diligence. Ask lots of questions.  Find out how the service selects its candidates. Look for a firm that selects employees based on criteria that are a good fit with you to help you locate the best employees. Ensure that all the background checks and drug screening etc is carried out properly.
  3. Do they have a guarantee? If the employee they send does not work out, what are your avenues of recourse? Will they give you a refund, or find another employee? How do they measure their success metrics?
  4. What type of insurance does the staffing firm have? Find out if they carry Employment Liability Insurance, Errors and Ommission insurance , general liability insurance , adequate workers compensation insurance to cover any potential workers compensation claims. Ask how a workers’ injury is handled? What level of coverage does the firm carry and do they bond and insure their employees?

The right staffing firm can be your best friend, filling the void when there is a need and helping to control costs by dealing with a lot of recruitment related issues.