What we do?
Talent Logic is a strategic employment services firm delivering the best people to help clients positively change the way work gets done.
  • Abhi G.
    Usually, a lot of recruiters are client friendly. but talent Logic is candidate friendly. they are more focused and biased in the best interest of the candidate which makes them one of the best recruiters to work with. thanks Mary Palko for helping me out in my job search.
    Abhi G.
  • Dan D Jenkins
    I could not be more happier with the Talent Logic agency. Abbey was awesome, very professional, answered all my questions and got me over to the new company very quickly. I have dealt with these companies in the past and it was not a good experience but Abbey was the best and anyone looking for a good position in the corporate world and does not use Talent Logic agency is just wasting their time. I hope I’m never looking for another job but if I am then I guarantee you Abbey with Talent Logic will be my first call.
    Dan D Jenkins
  • Scott
    Talent Logic is a very detailed and professional company that helped me land a dream job. I dealt with Staffing Manager Gavin Francis initially and he was nothing but professional and thorough. I then primarily worked with Staffing Director Mary Palko all the way through the hiring process. Her high energy, keen skill assessment, and natural ability to care for the needs of both the employer and job candidate had a lot to do with the excellent outcomes. I would have Mary go to bat for me any day! Kudos to the Talent Logic team.
  • Michelle Musgrave
    Abbey with Talent Logic has been wonderful to work with! She listens to our needs to get our positions filled timely with the most qualified candidates. This has been such an easy process and would highly recommend to anyone looking for outside help in recruiting.
    Michelle Musgrave
  • William Fitts
    I just wanted to thank you all so much for the help in getting me the great position at Equinix. I am so lucky that you found this job and helped me get in, and I am very happy to have been hired permanently so fast - I did my best and it paid off. I love the job and the people there, and the work is exactly what I was looking for. This all worked out better than I could hope for, and I really appreciate your help in working with me. It was a pleasure to work with Talent Logic.
    William Fitts
  • Ajit Deobhakta
    Excellent service, with prompt and detailed response. Very supportive, and good listeners. They let you talk about your problems/concerns, instead of cutting you off as though you were wasting their time. Personalized communication and advice. Great people to work with
    Ajit Deobhakta
  • Martin Lopez
    I would like to thank Tyler Welles and Jason Price for their excellent communication skills during the whole hiring and interviewing process. I found them both to be helpful. May you guys continue to keep up the good work.
    Martin Lopez
  • Barbara
    The professional team at talent logic was a pleasure to work with. They have an expert to help you with each step of the process, including interview coaching, to a professional to guide you through the complex hiring process. The team is genuine and driven for excellence and it was a sincere pleasure to work with all of them!
  • Rodrick Taylor
    Got a call on Thursday, had an interview on Friday morning a couple hours later had an offer to start work on Monday. Thanks Talent Logic.
    Rodrick Taylor