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Selecting tips for hiring a right staffing agency

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The staffing agencies have emerged as mainstream employers by employing 13 million people each year in the United States and having helped in getting 750,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy since recession. It is estimated that more than 1/3rd of the U.S. companies hired the services of staffing agencies during 2012-13. However, choosing or selecting a right staffing agency is requires research on the part of organizations doing businesses in their concerned industry or sector. The following tips would help the organizations in hiring the right staffing agency indulged in direct hire staffing services.

The capabilities of IT staffing agencies

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Information Technology or IT is playing a major role in every aspect of businesses and therefore the requirement of staff that have expertise in performing IT functions are in great demand. More and more businesses or enterprises prefer to focus their time, energies and financial resources in the running of enterprises rather than going through the time consuming process of hiring work force or prospective employees. Majority of companies nowadays are turning to staffing agencies to help them find suitable or eligible candidates as their employees. Specialization is the key factor of IT staffing agencies.

Qualities and traits of top rated headhunters

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Headhunters also called recruiters are the people who literally search for candidates for filling up the executive positions of their client organization. Not all recruiters are headhunters nor these headhunters always search for executives. The headhunters’ client is always an organization and never an individual. Choosing a competent headhunter requires thorough investigation on the part of the organization before it decides to work with the concerned headhunter. Headhunters are usually paid by client organizations either on retainer or on contingency basis.

Direct Hire services in the current economic scenario

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Direct Hire Services is now driving the employment sector with various employment services being provided under its umbrella for the past few decades. The current economic outlook has prompted an increased and renewed interest in the establishment of staffing franchisee opportunities from business entrepreneurs. Previous records do show that employers are heavily dependent on the direct hire services during the period of economic recovery because of their flexibility.

Get your mission accomplished through Direct Hire Services

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Direct hire services has now emerged as a befitting reply to those companies who are in need of qualified and experienced staff for their growing business needs. Every organization needs the best employees to perform the jobs efficiently and effectively. The employees’ form the backbone of any organization and therefore any lethargic attitude towards the recruitment process may prove disastrous to the organization itself.

Direct Hire Services

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A direct hire refers to the traditional method of hiring an employee whereby the company advertises the position, interviews the candidates and extends a job offer. However, companies looking to hire a regular, full-time employee may not have the time and resources to wade through countless applications and resumes or to test the skills of the applicants. This is where the direct hire services play a key role as before making the hiring decision the company has to be sure if they have found the right person for the job.

Direct Hire Services are here to help with your staffing needs

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So you run a successful business and are ready to hire additional staff. With the economy the way it is you would imagine that this would be a really easy thing to do, but the reality is that even with unemployment hovering close to 9%, the truly talented employees are hard to find. Direct hire services are a great tool to use to locate the best staff.

Staffing is not the area of expertise for most businesses, even large companies with a dedicated HR staff seldom have people who are exclusively involved in staffing. HR usually handles employees once they have already been hired. Very few very large firms have the employee turnover and requisite capital to be able to afford in house staffing specialists and like in any profession to get the best results you need to use the best resources.

Direct Hire vs Temporary Hire

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Today’s job market has opened up huge avenues for temporary employment and as of now, there is a huge temporary workforce that is building all the time. Since the financial meltdown, companies have been more open to temporary staffing rather than availing the traditional direct hire services. So let us pit them against each other and look at their strengths and weaknesses.